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East Gipps Shire Council – EES

East Gippsland Shire Council – proponent

The proponent’s website contains all documents on the proposed development.

The Environment Effects Statement (EES) is the Council’s proposed development which the Save Bastion Point Campaign is opposed to.

The EES includes a Summary Brochure, Volume 1 Main Report, Volume 2 Appendices and Volume 3 Supplementary Reports. Details on how to obtain CD and print versions of these documents are also on their site.

The EES Appendices include a copy of the Bastion Point Ocean Access EES Assessment Guidelines, Department of Sustainability. We’ve also left a copy here for your access.

Ocean Access EES Asessment Guidelines Dec 2004.pdf

The EES Appendices also includes the following which we’ve left here for your access.

See here for a copy of the Shire’s EES Project Management Consultant Brief April 2004