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Why oppose the development?

Bastion Point Blowup

  • Promoting an unsafe boating environment will lead to tragedy – the ocean off Bastion Point is hazardous and should not be promoted to inexperienced boat operators.
  • There will be a loss of amenity for the many other users of the Bastion Point area. Surfers will especially be affected.
  • A significant visual intrusion on Victoria’s wilderness coast.
  • It will cause irreversible damage to the Bastion Point environment and surrounding coastline – we do not support breakwalls or major infrastructure.
  • Ongoing costs from maintenance and dredging will not be recoverable from a user-pay system and will be untenable in a small community – we believe the costs are underestimated and the economic value of the ramp is completely overestimated.
  • Practicality of the proposal– the distance between the ramp and the car park will be impractical. We have serious concerns about siltation, the amount of sand that will have to be moved using a dredging system and the location of the discharge piping.
  • Loss of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal cultural heritage to the area is a history and lifestyle lost forever.
  • Please see the Independent Panel Executive Summary, which made similar findings to these.