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Option 3b Final Proposal

Following funding by Regional Development Victoria, East Gippsland Shire Council (EGSC) has completed working drawings of the carpark, causeway beach road, breakwater and ancilliary structures. A committee known as Mallacoota Ocean Access Boat Ramp Advisory Committee (MOABRCAC) participated in the design details. Despite representation from SBPC and Friends of Mallacoota, there was little opportunity for our representatives to have any meaningful influence on the design.  The breakwater and carpark design remains fundamentally unchanged compared to that shown in the aerial view.

The ‘landscape plan‘ is very similar to the carpark design presented to the Inquiry Panel. Detailed engineering drawings have been prepared including a very basic plan of the dredge outfall and pipeline.

In separate work recommended by Minister Madden and commissioned by Marine Safety Victoria, AMCSearch Ltd produced asafety audit of the proposed Option 3b facility. This report was based on several unrealistic assumptions. Significantly, these include that wave conditions at the exit channel being sufficiently benign. The audit requires an extensive and costly ongoing risk management regime for the proposed facility and considers extensions of the breakwater may be necessary. The audit requires that the proposed ramp is not used by any more than 30 boats at the one time. See SBPC’s two page summary of safety audit issues.

Rather than describing the proposed facility as providing safe ocean access, the AMCSearch report recommends that the facility must be nominated as a designated hazardous area and concludes the audit by stating that all risk treatment options listed in table 12.1 of the audit, must be implemented as a complete package to reduce the risk to as low as reasonably practicable. The Council’s Response to the Safety Audit, and Operational Management Plan as submitted to the Council Meeting of 3 August 2010 are available (also see Breakwater Design 2010 page).

A public relations group called Buchan Consulting Pty Ltd has performed the fourth economic study commissioned by Council on a the facility at Bastion Point. A review by Economists at Large has found serious flaws in the methodology, and found the Buchan Consulting study gave no confidence in the economic credentials of the project.

Please click on the images below to see how Bastion Point looks now, how it will look with the Option 3b development with caged dredging outfall in foreground, and a hypothetical situation that may exist for boats leaving the proposed breakwater in high swell conditions.