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Option 3 Proposal

Note that this page is now partly historical – please see pages Option 3b Proposal and Option 3b Final Proposal for the latest plans from the East Gippsland Shire Council.

The initial study commissioned by the EGSC which led to the design of three options for breakwalls is called the Coastal Processes Study. The EGSC’s preferred option is No. 3 and this features as their proposed development in the EES. The Council has made available some 3D modeling of the ramp, breakwater and road; Option 3 is shown here. Please note that other than the similar placement of the breakwater, the EGSC changed most features of the proposal just weeks before the Inquiry Panel commenced.

This option included a road approximately 300 metres long, across the headland and down onto the beach. This road  required significant earthworks exposing highly erodable soils, removal of important coastal vegetation and damage to Aboriginal cultural sites. A concrete hardstand/turning circle will be constructed on the beach leading to the dual lane boat ramp. The boat ramp will be sheltered by a breakwater constructed of 8,000 tonnes of imported rock approximately 130 metres long and 2.8 metres high. An estimated 3,250 cu. m. of rock will need to be removed to create a boating channel and a dredge will be required to remove the expected ongoing accumulation of sand at the entry to the facility. The proposed boat ramp facility will require ongoing dredging; other infrastructure includes a 30 bay car and boat trailer park, lighting, fish cleaning facilities and toilets.

Details of ancillary facilities were not included in the EES, but following Directions issued from the Inquiry Panel in May 2008 an Ancillary Structure Report has since been exhibited. A further report by Coastal Engineering Solutions (commissioned by DSE) has also been completed & exhibited. It includes an alternative access road on the beach.

The obtain a copy of the Environment Effects Statement for the proposed breakwater/ boat ramp development go to the East Gippsland Shire Council website.

Just weeks before the Inquiry hearing in July 2008 the EGSC presented new plans for an alternative access road along the beach, which is shown in the attached pdf, and now known as Option 3b.  The road is raised above the beach either on pylons, or on rock fill. Both designs include a suspended walkway on the seaward side. The design includes a different carpark design that extends further along Bastion Point Road and provides 60 car and boat bays, and removes the vegetation screening.

Council decided that this was their preferred option just three weeks before the Inquiry Hearing, and despite the findings of the Inquiry,  it is the option that has been approved by Minister Madden. The EES Option 3 3D model is shown, and we have placed an approximate beach road overlay to show the visual impact of Option 3b. The changed carpark configuration proposed for Option 3b is not shown; it caters for more cars, and the vegetation islands shown in this image have been removed.