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Week 15 and 16 Destruction

Weeks beginning 17 and 24 February saw the start of construction of the breakwall. Doubt remains as to the length of this wall – Council documentation states it is 130 m long, yet GPM Construction who are constructing the development state it is 150 m long – see here.

Week 14 Destruction

Week 14 beginning 10 February saw continued loss of beach and reef. See Australian Surfers Continue Push to Save Bastion Point, and letters to The Age.  See Destruction Gallery for progression of beach loss and photos below.

Week 12 and 13 Destruction

After 6 weeks of abated destruction, the big machines are back ruining Bastion Point. This destruction has received international attention – see Paradise Lost from Save the Waves Coalition. Meanwhile the Campaign has received an award from the Surfrider Foundation of Australia for its exceptional effort in support of Surfrider Foundation protecting waves and beaches – see Snowy River Mail article. See photos of week 13 destruction below.

Burying a Beach and Buggering a SurfBreak

See the new YouTube clip that reveals how behind doors lobbying has circumvented public consultations and Government Inquiries and Reviews, to lead to the destruction of Bastion Point. Catch Bob Brown’s message on the authorised vandalism at Bastion Point here.

Week 6 Destruction

The week beginning 16 December saw the complete loss of the beach to the headland, with it covered in rubble. See Destruction Gallery. It is yet to go around 0.5 m higher. This comes in a week when the Mayor wrote to a supporter saying “It is very dissappointing that the Save Bastion Point Campaign continue to publicly portray such a negative view of what Council sees as a significant improvement to ocean access boating at Mallacoota”.

If only they had worked with the community to achieve better ocean access, as well as preserving the beach, and the surfbreak, which the Department of Transport found could be done, and was recommended. See Julie Parker’s Double Standards in the Bairnsdale Advertiser.

Week 5 Destruction

The week starting 9 December saw loss of almost all the beach to the promontory from which the breakwater will protrude, see Destruction Gallery. Heavy seas pounded the coast as shown in this Post’s photos, showing swell that boats exiting the so-called ‘safe ocean access’ will meet broadside as they exit the breakwater. Plumes of silt were washed into the seas, with scant action taken by the Environment Protection Authority.

Week 4 Destruction

Week 4 starting 4 December saw the continuing destruction. See our Destruction Gallery, and an ironic picture as a boat is retrieved safely from the current ramp, amidst the beach carnage. See In the Media for a catch up on media over the last two weeks. Sediment has been washing off the beach road onto the reef, as shown in photos…

Week 3 of Destruction

Week 3 of destruction, starting 25 November, saw further covering of the beach in crushed rock. See the 7.30 Report segment that aired on 22 November, and see our Destruction Gallery for sequential photos.

Week 2 of Destruction

Week 2 of destruction began at Bastion Point on 18 November. We have created a Destruction Gallery to track destruction of the beach and headland. Please contrast this with our Gallery of Bastion Point as it was before this project started. Please see Chris Johnstone’s article in The Age and letters in response on 20 Nov 2013. See Julie Parker’s YouTube of Week 2 destruction and Burying our Beach. The Guardian carried Save our Surf: Battlelines drawn and The Fight to preserve our Surf Break by Jenny Mason. As a last for Week 2, see our Media Release: Protests over coastal destruction at Bastion Point escalates, and YouTube of a rally against East Gippsland Shire Council held on 22 November.

Destruction Begins at Bastion Point

Eighty protestors were asked to move by police from Bastion Point beach today as heavy construction equipment rolled in on 11 November 2013. See our 11 November Media Release on the first day of destruction. Please like our facebook page for daily updates of destruction. See our 12 November Media Release and Youtube vision of a protester close to being crushed by an excavator. Please see also see Media Releases from Surfrider Foundation Australia and VNPA. Media ReleasePlease sign our Letter to the Premier to halt this!

Environment Award for Friends of Mallacoota

Last week Friends of Mallacoota received a Community Environmental Recognition Award from Environment Victoria, at their 2013 Awards night on 23 October 2013.

Environment Victoria recognised the achievements of ten remarkable groups and individuals from around the state who’ve made an outstanding contribution for the environment through community action.

Friends of Mallacoota  received their award for their tireless work in opposing an inappropriate ocean access boat ramp proposal at Bastion Point – see the Environment Victoria Media Release here.

June Drake and Jenny Mason are shown receiving their award from Amanda Nuttall, President of the Board of Environment Victoria.

June Drake and Jenny Mason receive the award for Friends of Mallacoota from Amanda Nuttall, President of the Board of Environment Victoria


ABC 7.30 Report Reveals Questionable Process

The ‘consultation’ process for the Environment Effects Statement for the ‘Option 3b’ breakwater and beach road development at Bastion Point is exposed by the 7.30 Report on ABC, 4 October 2013. Watch the 7 minute segment here. See our Media Release.

Campaign Summary

Please see our Campaign Fact Sheet page to get a snapshot of this long running campaign, and download a short Campaign Summary.

What Can I Do?

Please see our What Can I Do? page for current actions.