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Our Solutions

The Save Bastion Point Campaign supports the recommendations of the Inquiry Panel, which recommended the current ramp be upgraded. See the relevant section of the Panel report here. The SBPC has presented an alternative concept for a boat launching facility to East Gippsland Shire Council (EGSC).

The SBPC opposes the EGSC’s proposed large scale breakwater and boat ramp development at Bastion Point, Mallacoota. We advocate the protection of the many values of Bastion Point, and promoting the need for safe and sustainable use of the area. This document provides solutions to the objectives that will be used to assess any proposed development at Bastion Point.

Planning for a solution

Implementation of a comprehensive safety/risk, cultural heritage and environment management plan, developed in consultation with all stakeholders should be a vital component of any development proposed for Bastion Point. Due consideration must be given to activities undertaken by all stakeholders using the area both seasonally and collectively.

Objective Solution
Provide an efficient and safe all-tide boat launching facility, adequately protected from wave action and sediment accumulation, to maximise safe and efficient boat launching and retrieval of commercial and recreational boats. Construct an appropriately designed low impact boat ramp without a breakwater at the existing site.It must be recognised that sand management issues will continue to be governed by seasonal factors and cannot be eliminated at any of the proposed sites. Removal of sand at the existing site can be minimised through design principles and will have less impact on financial and environmental issues than at the other sites.Risks to safety that may currently exist at the present site will be reduced or eliminated with a properly instituted safety/ risk management plan
Provide adequate parking, access and ancillary facilities for users of the ramp, as may be required. Formalise the existing lower car park and turning area, improve access road to existing launch site, construct a trailer parking area, and improve traffic and pedestrian management.
Avoid significant interference with coastal processes related to patterns of wave formation and sediment movement affecting Mallacoota Inlet and nearby beaches. Do not include breakwaters in any solution at the Bastion Point area as there will be significant interference with coastal processes if a breakwater is constructed.
Avoid significant impacts on the water quality and ecological character of Mallacoota Inlet and surrounding site during both the construction and operational phases. Contain appropriate low impact development to the existing site. The ecological character of Mallacoota Inlet and surrounding site will be retained and protected as the “Activity Node” footprint will remain within existing boundaries.Adverse impacts will be limited during the construction phase as construction works will be confined to the existing site and can be controlled using good management techniques.
Avoid detrimental impacts on the character, amenity and infrastructure of Bastion Point, including its attractiveness for recreation, tourism and education. Improve car parking, traffic and pedestrian management, and improve ramp and launch facilities at the existing site without the construction of a breakwater, in order to maintain and compliment the attractiveness, values and amenity of Bastion Point for all users.
Avoid to the maximum extent possible, adverse impacts on Aboriginal or post-settlement cultural heritage. Contain works to the boundaries of the existing site at the lower car park to ensure all cultural heritage values will remain undisturbed.Appropriately protect known sites through the use of suitable fencing and management techniques so that sites remain undisturbed.
Avoid adverse ecological impacts on significant native vegetation and provide for effective net gain compensation where necessary in accord with the Native Vegetation Management Framework. Contain works to the existing launch site so that impacts on native vegetation will be minimised. No vegetation removal will be required for road access, as would occur at options 2 & 3.Vegetation removal can be further minimised by an appropriately sized upper level boat trailer parking area.Net gains are difficult to achieve on coastal foreshore reserves. Revegetation areas proposed as providing Net Gains compensation must be clearly identified before approval for vegetation removal is given.
Avoid adverse impacts on migratory waterbirds and any other species that are of national and/or state significance. Impacts on species will be less at the existing facility site as infrastructure will largely remain within existing boundaries.
Provide a clear overall social benefit, taking into account economic impacts, social outcomes and residual environmental impacts. A low key improvement at the existing site supports these outcomes as it will improve boating infrastructure while maintaining the existing values for the high number of other users that frequent the Bastion Point area.Economic values generated by these other users will continue to increase and residual environmental impacts will be limited.