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Alternative Concept

The independent Inquiry Panel recommended against the Council’s proposal and advised in favour of a low-key/low-impact development at the site of the existing boat ramp with no breakwaters. See more about the Panel solutions here.

Further to this and after many years of conversations around the community and ideas from other interested people, we’ve prepared an altenative concept for a boat launching facility.

This alternative is by no means a detailed design. It does however show that there are other better options besides the Option 3b breakwater development. We support the Inquiry Panel’s recommendation that the EGSC should establish a community advisory committee to be independently facilitated and whose role it would be to determine the most appropriate design solution for Bastion Point.

The concept shown recognises the needs of all stakeholders and provides for separation of users north of a linking roundabout, and boater’s south of the roundabout. It preserves aboriginal middens in their entirety, and does not consign them to a roadside verge. It has access pathways that do not cross boat launching areas. It preserves the beach with little extra footprint to the current ramp. It provides for a boating jetty, and good visibility for boaters.

Please view our comparison double-sided A3 poster, or a more detailed description, and a comparison table of Option 3b versus our concept.

Please see our concept plan by clicking on the Gallery below.

Attachment 1 is an aerial view of the alternative concept plan.

Attachment 2 is an elevation view to the east. It includes a two lane ramp, with end segment sloping at 1:8 in accordance with Australian Standards, a boat holding structure and a low sea wall to protect the ramp and structure from swells.

Attachment 3 is a view looking northwards along the two lane ramp.