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Surfing at Bastion

The surfbreak at Bastion Point wraps around the point, breaking at the outer reef – ‘Broken Boards’, at ‘The Point’, and then through to the beach. A good swell will see these breaks linking up, to create a magnificent half mile right-hander.

The East Gippsland Shire Council proposes to build a 130 m breakwater into ‘Broken Boards’ – thus obliterating this break, and encroaching on the take-off area for ‘the Point’.

It will have unknown consequences on the beach break – enjoyed by Mallacoota’s younger surfers – and will leave the possibility of the full ride from Broken Boards to beach totally extinct.

Smorgasboarder reports on the issue in November 2011.

The Magic SeaWeed site has some great photos of the Broken Boards break.

See renowned surfing writer Tim Baker’s blog on Bastion Point, and his Surfing World article.

International outdoor clothing company Patagonia features Bastion Point in ‘Protect your Break’ US Surf 2010 catalogue.

The Bastion Point break is listed as ‘endangered’ by the international surfing organisation Save the Waves.

Follow the links to see what surfing websites say about Minister Madden’s decision: Surfing LifeSurfer Today, Real Surf.