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A beach and surfbreak lost for dodgy economics

The Bastion Point boat-ramp/breakwall, causeway road covering the beach, the jetty, navigational aids, lighting, large boat trailer/car park development and associated infrastructure are now complete, and the facility is expected to be operational from the 19th of December 2014.

It is a sad ending for our campaign. We now have a permanent scar on the Mallacoota Wilderness Coast.  It says a great deal about how Planning documents such as the Victorian Coastal Strategy, the Mallacoota Foreshore Management Plan, the Significant Landscape and Heritage Registers, Coastal Landscape Design and other key documents are ineffectual when applied in practice.  It is also a gross failure of our democratic processes.

We are most grateful for public support and it has only been with your help we did all we could:  of that we can all be proud. We have been amazed at the contributions made by so many individuals and organisations such as Victorian National Parks Association, Surfrider Foundation Australia, Australian Conservation Foundation, Save the Waves Coalition and Environment Defenders Office (now Environmental Justice Australia).

Time will tell whether the development will achieve any of its supposed benefits – and if so whether these can ever outweigh the environmental, social, cultural and economic costs that have come with it.

We have posted some pictures of the completed facility on our Facebook page.  Line marking had not been completed when the photos were taken.

The ABC posted this article.

Thanks to our supporters for their concerted efforts and commitment over this long and difficult campaign.