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Week 6 Destruction

The week beginning 16 December saw the complete loss of the beach to the headland, with it covered in rubble. See Destruction Gallery. It is yet to go around 0.5 m higher. This comes in a week when the Mayor wrote to a supporter saying “It is very dissappointing that the Save Bastion Point Campaign continue to publicly portray such a negative view of what Council sees as a significant improvement to ocean access boating at Mallacoota”.

If only they had worked with the community to achieve better ocean access, as well as preserving the beach, and the surfbreak, which the Department of Transport found could be done, and was recommended. See Julie Parker’s Double Standards in the Bairnsdale Advertiser.

Week 5 Destruction

The week starting 9 December saw loss of almost all the beach to the promontory from which the breakwater will protrude, see Destruction Gallery. Heavy seas pounded the coast as shown in this Post’s photos, showing swell that boats exiting the so-called ‘safe ocean access’ will meet broadside as they exit the breakwater. Plumes of silt were washed into the seas, with scant action taken by the Environment Protection Authority.

Week 4 Destruction

Week 4 starting 4 December saw the continuing destruction. See our Destruction Gallery, and an ironic picture as a boat is retrieved safely from the current ramp, amidst the beach carnage. See In the Media for a catch up on media over the last two weeks. Sediment has been washing off the beach road onto the reef, as shown in photos…