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Week 3 of Destruction

Week 3 of destruction, starting 25 November, saw further covering of the beach in crushed rock. See the 7.30 Report segment that aired on 22 November, and see our Destruction Gallery for sequential photos.

Week 2 of Destruction

Week 2 of destruction began at Bastion Point on 18 November. We have created a Destruction Gallery to track destruction of the beach and headland. Please contrast this with our Gallery of Bastion Point as it was before this project started. Please see Chris Johnstone’s article in The Age and letters in response on 20 Nov 2013. See Julie Parker’s YouTube of Week 2 destruction and Burying our Beach. The Guardian carried Save our Surf: Battlelines drawn and The Fight to preserve our Surf Break by Jenny Mason. As a last for Week 2, see our Media Release: Protests over coastal destruction at Bastion Point escalates, and YouTube of a rally against East Gippsland Shire Council held on 22 November.

Destruction Begins at Bastion Point

Eighty protestors were asked to move by police from Bastion Point beach today as heavy construction equipment rolled in on 11 November 2013. See our 11 November Media Release on the first day of destruction. Please like our facebook page for daily updates of destruction. See our 12 November Media Release and Youtube vision of a protester close to being crushed by an excavator. Please see also see Media Releases from Surfrider Foundation Australia and VNPA. Media ReleasePlease sign our Letter to the Premier to halt this!