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Submission Deadline 11 March 2012

The deadline on the 11 March is fast approaching for submissions on the Hyder Proposal. Please get your feedback in now – either by emailing to

bastionpoint@transport.vic.gov.au or filling in the attached feedback form and faxing, mailing or attaching pdf to email address.

Melbourne consultation on Hyder designs

The Melbourne consultation session was held on 7 March with about 50 people attending the session. Question themes that came from participants included:

> The short time period for preparation of submissions.
> The observation that visual amenity was given an overall weighting of 3% in the analyses.
> No assessment or consideration in analyses on the impacts on surfing.
> The fact that the analysis had only been run  with the smaller H2 breakwater and not the larger one which was recommended, which has led to confusion as to its final scoring in the analysis.
> Concern with the perception that we are only being offered a ‘choice’ between the large breakwater options H2 and Option 3b.
> Seemingly arbitrary scorings in the analyses that pushed the lower impact Alternative Option down in rankings, and concern that that the Australian Standard for Marinas was being applied in an ocean access situation that was not relevant to a marina.

It was stressed by DSE that they had shown the maximum, or ‘worst case scenario’ length of breakwater in the H2 option, and that the final could be shorter and lower. Unfortunately, no examples of what it could look like in reduced form were available for participants to view.

Submission responses will be collated by Department of Transport to inform East Gippsland Shire Council of community preferences (3b, H2, or other). According to local member Tim Bull, the Government is committed to progressing either option H2 or 3b, both of which contain breakwaters.