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Design at Current Boat Ramp Site Released

The design for a boat ramp at the current site has been released. The design was by Hyder Consulting, and can be viewed on the Department of Transport (DoT) site here.

There will be a public meeting at Mallacoota Golf and Country Club on Thursday 1 March 2012, when DoT will consult on the design. All are welcome to attend, and local member Tim Bull has indicated people will be able to comment.

There may be a possiblity of the Department of Transport conducting a consultation session for Melbourne stakeholders. Please contact the Department on bastionpoint@transport.vic.gov.au and request that this occur for the many people who cannot make it to the Mallacoota consultation (please copy us on coordinator@savebastionpoint.org if you do this).

We would appreciate any comments on the new design. Please provide feedback to coordinator@savebastionpoint.org

Hear a podcast of Leo op den Brouw talking on 3RRR’s Radio Marinara about first impressions of the new design. See article in East Gippsland News for council comment on the design.

An image of the design concept is shown below.

The Option 3b footprint is shown in aqua colour, and the ‘Alternate Option H2’ is shown in grey crosshatch.