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Candidates Helpful on Bastion

Candidate positions revealed in the Mallacoota Mouth, and in the Bairnsdale Advertiser, show grass roots candidates other than Independent MP Craig Ingram are not very supportive of the ‘Option 3b’ breakwater plan. In the Mouth, Labor candidate Greg Cooke says “I believe the alternative option provided by ‘Save Bastion Group’ is a better option”, in spite of the Government’s committing financial support prior to environmental approval. Liberal candidate Sonia Buckley says she “will not be supporting the 3b proposal”, with the the Nationals Tim Bull pledging to “take a very good look at it”. The Coalition has said they will review the project as part of the necessary consents and approvals process.

Mr Ingram has again used the “Its just a boat ramp” line – which he had used at the Panel Inquiry hearings, and declared in the Bairnsdale Advertiser he was the only one of the candidates who had shown leadership on the issue.