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Labor Puts Cart Before Horse in Funding Controversial Bastion Point Harbour Development

Save Bastion

Point Campaign has condemned Ports Minister Tim Pallas announcement on 27 October 2010 that the Labor Government will provide $6.5 million funding for a boat harbour at Mallacoota’s iconic Bastion Point. The funding has been announced before environmental approval has been given by Minister Jennings and cultural heritage approval by Aboriginal Affairs Victoria. Read the SBPC Media Release. You can read Minister Pallas’ Media Release here.

The Last Bastion to be Defended in Inner City Marginal Seats

The Campaign launched an advertisement in The Melbourne Times on 27 October 2010, asking city voters to help defend Bastion Point. Please see our Advertisement and Media Release, which explains why it

is important that Victoria’s premier coastal wilderness destination be preserved, and why voters should ask their local politicians what they would do to preserve our coastline.