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Alternative Concept

Save Bastion Point Campaign has presented an alternative concept for Bastion Point to East Gippsland Shire Council. It preserves the values of Bastion Point and enhances the amenity for users. This alternative is by no means a detailed design. It does however show that there are other better options besides the Option 3b breakwater development. We support the Inquiry Panel’s recommendation that the Council should establish a community advisory committee to be independently facilitated and whose role it would be to determine the most appropriate design solution for Bastion Point.

Council votes on 3 August 2010

East Gippsland Shire Council will vote on whether to submit their detailed breakwater and carpark design to the Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Gavin Jennings. Since Minister Madden’s assessment, Council has made engineering drawings of their proposed breakwater development, and also has commissioned a further economic study by Buchan Consulting Group.  A safety study has placed major limitations on the proposed facility.  See Current Proposal for details and downloads. Council will vote as per Agenda Item 5.3.2 at their meeting at 6 pm on 3 August in Bairnsdale as to whether to proceed with submission of their plans to Minister Jennings for approval under the Coastal Management Act.