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Bastion Point and cynical planning politics

The Windsor Hotel redevelopment document accidentally leaked by Minister Madden’s media advisor (25 Feb 2010) reveals a strategy to undermine an advisory committee report, and manipulate a community consultation process. As you can see in the full Madden Media Plan, it also contains the line ‘ March 16 and 17 Bastian (sic) Point decision in Supreme Court’, with the following dot point -‘Documents tabled on Feb 16 – will need cover as allegations against Minister’s actions’. Minister Madden tabled his submissions for the case on 16 February. See also Melissa Fyfe’s 7 Mar 2010 story in The Age regarding this wording.

Minister Madden has laid the blame on the media advisor, claiming it is an internal draft document. However, the leaked document names as ‘strategy’ a sham public consultation to undermine an advisory committee. Is this the type of background manipulation Minister Madden has employed with Bastion Point?


Bastion Point Issue on Show in Bairnsdale

Following January’s hugely successful exhibition and auction in Mallacoota of Norm Neilson’s Bastion Point photographs of Bastion Point, Norm has held an equally successful exhibition and auction in Bairnsdale.

The event made sales of around $10,000, and has helped greatly in spreading the word about what is happening at Bastion Point.

The exhibition made the front page of the East Gippsland News