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Council Begins so-called ‘Community Consultation’

Following East Gippsland Shire Council’s decision to proceed with design of the Option 3b breakwater and road along the beach, it has convened the ‘Mallacoota Ocean Access Boat Ramp Community Advisory Committee’, MOABRCAC. After much deliberation, we felt that there could be some benefit to being on this committee. We have written to Council expressing the following:

“Save Bastion Point Campaign has decided to nominate a representative to MOABRCAC on the condition that its participation in the Committee is not construed in any way as indicating:

· that Save Bastion Point Campaign believes that the Minister’s decision to approve the option 3b boat ramp was lawful

· that steps that have been taken to implement the Minister’s approval are legitimate

· that Save Bastion Point Campaign supports or endorses option 3b.

Save Bastion Point Campaign maintains its position that it is inappropriate for such a committee to be formed whilst the Minister’s assessment decision is the subject of a legal challenge in the Supreme Court of Victoria. Similarly, Save Bastion Point Campaign maintains its support for the Inquiry Panel’s recommendations.”