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Council Votes to Ignore Independent Panel Report

Council was to vote at its 7 July meeting on a motion by Councillor Bill Gamble, supporting the Independent Panel findings and calling on other councillors to follow the Panel’s suggested way forward for a low impact option.

However, at the packed meeting the motion was controversially ‘amended’ by Councillor Jane Rowe to instead support progressing the design of the Option 3b breakwater, with a subsequent amendment calling for futher safety and economic analysis.  This motion was passed, with Councillor Gamble and Mayor Mendy Urie voting against.

See the minutes of the council meeting of 7 July 2009, and a full transcript is available here. The original recording of the meeting is available for those wishing to check the transcript is accurate.

The following month’s council meeting saw council proceeding with establishment of a community advisory committee to oversee some aspects of the design of Option 3b; see the minutes for 4 August 2009. This meeting also introduced the Terms of Reference for the community advisory committee.