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Minister Goes Against Inquiry Recommendations

Minister Justin Madden has given the go-ahead for the breakwater proposal, despite his own Inquiry Panel releasing findings that are damming of the proposal.  The Minister’s 11 June 2009 decision and the Inquiry report can be found on the DSE website .

Only twice in Victoria’s history has an independent panel found in favour of a community group rather than a development proposal.

The Save Bastion Point Campaign is shocked and outraged that the government has ignored the open Inquiry it has promised.  Click here for the SBPC Media Release.

The Minister’s press release can be found at Madden Press Release.

The expert Panel appointed by Minister Madden did not recommend any of the East Gippsland Council proposed options.  It had serious concerns with safety and long term usage of the Option 3 proposal.  It found that the proposal had poor economic indicators, and was likely to lead to the long term detriment of Mallacoota’s tourism potential.  The Inquiry recommended that the Council’s proposed development offered no overall societal benefit, and that an upgrade of the existing ramp and parking be undertaken.