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Local Surfriders raffle a second surfboard to Save Bastion Point

The Far East Gippsland Branch of the Surfrider Foundation Australia has successfully raffled a second surfboard to raise awareness and funds for the Save Bastion Point Campaign. The latest raffle was drawn at the 01/02/2006 club meeting. The 1st prize OKE surfboard and cover was won by Julian Counsel of Melbourne. 2nd prize of T-shirt, board shorts and leg rope went to Kym Haasz of Hawthorn, and 3rd prize of T-shirt, board shorts and leg rope was won by Trudy Reichelt of Mallacoota. The Mallacoota Surfriders would like to thank all those people that brought tickets. Proceeds go to a range of club activities. The Club would like to thank the sponsors OKE Surfboards and The Surf Shack for their generous prizes.

Bastion Point Blow-up

A pod of dolphins arrived to swim with local surfers, beach-goers walked to Bastion Point, locals prepared a BBQ – supporters came to share in the collective spirit that was the Bastion Point Blow-up, a Save Bastion Point campaign event, on Saturday 8th October.

EGSC Election Results

The results of the East Gippsland Shire Council (EGSC) election have been posted by the Victorian Electoral Commission. Former Councillors Ben Buckley, Jane Rowe and Harvey Bates were returned and a significant proportion of new councillors have been elected.

Chair of Surfrider Foundation comments on proposal

Managed Solution a Better Option to Headland Development Proposal at Bastion Point:

“Surfing is big business in Australia. Per capita, surfers spend as much, if not more than recreational fishers. The business of surfing relies on the image of a pristine environment – clean beaches with waves and people having fun.”

Click here to download (194KB).

EGSC Elections

The Victorian Electoral Commission is conducting elections for the East Gippsland Shire Council. Voting closes on Friday 25th November 2005. The Save Bastion Point Campaign urges voters to make their views known to candidates and to elect candidates who will work to save Bastion Point.

Press Release – 22nd of November 2005

Craig Ingram Ignores Due Process in Asserting that Victorian Government Funding Has Been Committed for a New Boat Ramp at Mallacoota. Click here to view or download this press release.

More work required for EGSC proposal

The East Gippsland Shire Council (EGSC) submitted their proposal to the Technical Reference Group (TRG) established by the Victorian Department of Sustainability and the Environment for the new boat ramp at Bastion Point. On the 11th November the TRG informed the EGSC that the proposal will require more work before it can go on public display.